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Who we are

JEWS UNITED is an activist socio-cultural movement established with the vision of promoting cosmopolitan Judaism and spreading benevolent values. Founded in Israel and the UK, our organization has expanded its reach to Germany, the United States, Ukraine, the Czech Republic, and beyond.


Since 2011, our activists have been involved in a variety of social activities, cultural events, and interfaith meetings across Europe. We engage in public and legal advocacy for individual rights and support creative communities through our publishing efforts. Our ultimate goal is to establish a center in Israel that fosters activity, creativity, and networking, facilitating integration among diverse populations.


In February 2022, with the onset of the Russia-Ukraine war, we expanded our activities in collaboration with two local organizations to provide humanitarian and medical assistance to thousands of people and fighters.

The movement focuses on creating interfaith bridges and intra-social connections in three channels:


We produce, publish, and establish social centres that highlight the uniting and cosmopolitan aspects of Judaism, presenting it as a guiding light to all.


We organize activism, theoretical and social meetings, as well as cultural and artistic events, to foster interfaith collaboration in Israel and around the world.

Justice and human rights

We advocate for existential rights and conditions, providing legal and bureaucratic assistance. We publish works that support populations marginalized on religious and cultural grounds, both collectively and individually.


We address the economic and cultural crises society faces against the backdrop of profound societal and identity transformations. As individuals seek meaning and connection, the demand for a cosmopolitan society that is healing, supportive, collaborative, and creative grows. We aim to meet this need by fostering connections that transcend religious tension, political affiliation, or gender definitions.

By promoting these values, we help society heal and contribute to building a new world grounded in cosmopolitanism and human rights, ultimately creating a productive community that makes a significant contribution to the global society.

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