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Who we are

JEWS UNITED organozation was established as an activist socio-cultural movement whose aspiration was to expand under the vision of cosmopolitan Judaism that disseminates benevolent values. The organization was established in Israel and UK and expands to Germany, the United States, Ukraine, Czech republic and more.The association's activists have been experienced officially and unofficially for over a decade (since 2011) in social activities, cultural events and meetings between religious people in European countries, public and legal activities for individual rights, Publishing for creative populations - Aiming to establish a center for activity, creativity and networking in Israel, a place that will create integrations between the relevant populations.During February 2022, with the development of the Russia-Ukraine War, the organization expanded its activitiesIn collaboration with two local organizations to provide humanitarian and medical assistance to thousands of people and fighters.

The movement focuses on creating interfaith bridges and intra-social connections in three channels:


Production, publishing and establishment of social centers for content that presents the liberal and cosmopolitan side of royal Judaism as a light to the Gentiles.

Tolerance (inter-religious bridge):

activism, theoretical and social meetings, cultural and artistic events - for the creation of bridges and inter-religious collaborations in Israel and around the world.

Justice and human rights:

concern for existential rights and conditions, legal and bureaucratic assistance, and publication for a population that has been weakened on religious and cultural grounds - as a collective and as an individual.


The association is actually dealing with the fact that society is going through economic and cultural crises against the background of deep processes of clarification of society and identity. This is when the individual embarks on quests and observations, and thus the thirst for cosmopolitan society and culture, healing, healing, supportive, collaborative and creative - rises and is consumed as a source of living water.

As society re-emerges in connections that transcend religious tension, political affiliation or gender definitions - so it is healed and builds a new world that tends to cosmopolitanism and human rights values ​​as society becomes a productive community that makes a significant contribution to global society

Our Team

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