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Preparing for the absorption of refugees

In collaboration between JU and the "Hinam" center - the joint team prepared to receive refugees from Ukraine, and to receive them in housing units near Jerusalem

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Since the outbreak of the Russia-Ukraine war, we have been on high alert: in cooperation with the "Hatzalah Ukraine" organization, which works within the Ukrainian state, now works to evacuate families, including women and infants, using buses rented at astronomical prices to transport them on non-roads outside the country. .

After rounds of evacuation in convoys of buses and private cars we took hundreds of people to the neighboring countries of Moldova and Romania, blood we populate them in special complexes and local hotels.

We settle the affairs of food and sleep for them, until they take off for safe countries. One of the destinations is Israel. In Israel, we help them absorb, as in the "Hinam" compound, of Mr. Yaron Kanner, which is ten minutes from Jerusalem. The complex includes bedrooms and residences, kitchens, and other essential necessities.


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